Joining us at the 2022 ceremony was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Read & Kelly Sawczyn arranged for the special

transportation for the honored guest.


Sofia Solis was awarded for incredible integrity.



Our outgoing Board of Directors: Bill Turner, President; Jennifer Paul, Vice-president; John Shannon, Treasurer; Board Members: Pamela Jenkins, Jennifer Miller (Fundraising), Monica Tison (Uniforms), Kelly Sawczyn (Volunteers), Kesha Tyler. Not pictured: Secretary Jackie Navarrete

For 2022-23: Kesha Tyler, President; Jennifer Paul, Vice-president; Bill Turner, Treasurer and Sheena Williams as Secretary. Additional Board positions will be discussed at future meetings.


Drum Majors

Kareema Kolson and

Johnathan Hernandez-Reyes

Band Captain: Shenard Williams

Woodwind Captains:

Carter Frye & Matthew Bennett

Brass Captains:

Cooper Petel & Keahna Edison

Percussion Captain: (in blue)

Colin Herrero

Equipment Managers:

John Shannon IV

Samantha Gevry

Gabby Garcia

Isabella Gornto

Uniform Managers:

Francheska Matos

Sofia Silva-Ramirez

Sofia Solis

Macy Jackson

Music Librarians:

Shaina Sainvil

Pranathi Madishetty

Jaime Varerio

Shawnak Shenoy

Guard Captains

Nayeli Hernandez-Reyes

Erine Laurore

Dance Captains:

Grace Basey

Kiana Valett

Abby Miller

Kayla Smith



Most Improved Concert Band Member-Keahna Edison

Most Improved Wind Ensemble Member-Giacobbe Ramirez

Most Improved Orchestra Member-Yarielis DeLeon

Most Improved Percussion Member-Hayden Turner

Most Improved Jazz Band I Member-Colin Herrero

Most Improved Jazz Band II Member-Beth Feige

Most Improved Marching Band Member-Gabby Garcia

Most Improved Dance Team Member-McKenzie Kentrus

Most Improved Color Guard Member-Erine Laurore


Generation Award:

Willis Family

Most Outstanding Concert Band Member-Maynor Ramirez

Most Outstanding Orchestra Member-Angelina Araica

Most Outstanding Wind Ensemble Member-Jonathain Jacobs

Most Outstanding Percussion Member-Glenn Hudson

Most Outstanding Jazz Band I Member-Aditto Showkat

Most Outstanding Jazz Band II Member-Carter Frye

Most Outstanding Marching Band Member-Shenard Williams

Most Outstanding Dance Team Member-Jaime Willis

Most Outstanding Color Guard Member-Nayeli Hernandez-Reyes

Most Outstanding 1st Year Member-Sidrah Zuberi

Most Outstanding 2nd Year Member-Matthew Bennett

Most Outstanding 3rd Year Member-Kiana Valett

Most Outstanding 4th Year Member-Jaime Willis


Academic Achievement/Highest GPA for IB Senior-Morgan Kaplan

Academic Achievement/Highest GPA for Traditional Senior-Madison Desarno


Director’s Choice for Most Outstanding Member of the FMHS Music Program-Matthew Bennett

President's Award:

Keahna Edison

John Shannon

Abby Miller




John Philip Sousa Band Award and Leonard Bernstein Orchestra Award-Yarielis De Leon

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award-Aditto Showkat

Dance Award for Outstanding Contributions-Emma Oppelt

Color Guard National Award-Mariya Shevchenko

Lynch Award-Jennifer Miller

National School Marching Band Award-Glenn Hudson

Pictured with his Father


State Solo and Ensemble

Band and Orchestra

Jonathan Hernandez-Reyes

Megan Emery

Jaime Valerio

Lorenzo De Souza

Alana D’Angelo w/Distinction


Riptide Dance Team #1

Riptide Dance #2

Emma Oppelt

Abby Miller

Kayla Smith

Jaime Willis

All County Orchestra

Therese Batuigas

Emma Shi

Kendall Daly


All County Jazz

Aditto Showkat

All County Dance

Charlie Seitz

Emma Oppelt

Jaime Willis

Josie Caldwell

Kayla Smith

McKenzie Kentrus

Kiana Valett

Lauren Ennen

Natalie Skolmutch

All County Band

Giacobbe Ramirez

Jonathan Hernandez-Reyes

Megan Emery

Aditto Showkat

Sidrah Zuberi

Shenard Williams

Shawnak Shenoy

Superiors at District Solo and Ensemble


Jonathan Hernandez-Reyes
Giacobbe Ramirez
Lorenzo De Souza
Keahna Edison
Dylan Hostetler
Anna Mudgett and Peyton Rosenthal  Matthew Bennett
Jaime Valerio
Shenard Williams
Sidrah Zuberi
Isabella Gornto
Maynor Ramirez
Megan Emery
Shawnak Shenoy
Alana D’Angelo w/Distinction


Riptide Dance Team #1

Riptide Dance Team #2

Riptide Dance Team #3

Greenwave Color Guard

Melissa Alvarez                                Adriana Bromley                              Grace Basey                                      Charlie Seitz                                      Abby Miller                                      Emma Oppelt                                  Jaime Willis                                      Kayla Smith                                      Lauren Ennen



This is a tradition among the students.  This year's superlatives were led by Glenn Hudson, Band Captain and Jack Cassidy, Percussionist. The students voted and the results were in! Please note that these are meant to be in fun and not deragatory or hurtful in any manner.

Student that is the life of the party - Glenn Hudson Jr

Member with the best positive vibes - Glenn Hudson Jr
Best all around boy - Glenn Hudson Jr


Biggest Drama King - Mr.Townsend & John Stamotopoulos



Biggest Drama Queen-

Tori McGuigan


Most likely to back into Mr.Townsend’s truck - Yarielis Deleon

Most likely to show up o rehearsal one hour late - Yarielis Deleon

Most likely to become a band director - Yarielis Deleon

Best all around girl - Yarielis Deleon

Most likely to get yelled at by Mr.Townsend - Kylie Land

Most likely to get yelled at by Mrs.Cassie - Juwuan Black

Most improved Freshman - Samantha Gevry

Most likely to have a kid after they graduate - Halle Jalving

Townsend’s teacher pet - Sidrah Zuberi

Most greenwave spirited boy - Glenn Hudson Jr

Most greenwave spirited girl - Dashley Saint-Fleur

Most likely to get yelled at by Matt - Sam Gevry

Most likely to stick around after they graduate - Maynor Ramirez

Most Improved Sophomore - Pranathi Madishetty






Most likely to be on the news for something good - Shenard Willams

Most likely to be on the new for something bad - John Shannon

Most improved Band member - Keahna Edison

Most improved guard member - Nayeli Hernandez

Most improved dance member - Grace Basey

Most improved Junior - Sofia Silva

Most improved Senior - Maynor Ramirez

Most likely to be out of step - Dominic Himschoot & Hayden Turner

Most likely to sell their instrument after high school - Casey Barrit

Most likely to start playing the wrong piece - Sebastian Gonzalez


Everyone had a great time!


All students received a certificate and four year seniors received a plaque with their names on.


First year students receive the year they graduate, second the music letter M for Fort Myers High School Music, third year receive a hoodie in the fall.


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