Is there a way to contact people with any questions?

Of course! We have a great non-profit organization that supports the band programs.

Contact your 2024-25 Band Booster Executive Board with your questions and comments!


President Mike Stamatopoulos  click here or

Treasurer Read Sawczyn

or click here

Secretary Sheena Williams click here

Does it cost money?

Yes, there are fees for participation however we offer fundraising and programs for you to "earn" a way to pay off your fees. You will learn more about this in the program.

Our accounting and communications happen through a program called Cut Time.  Simply click here to sign up.


 How do I get into the program?

Whether you are part of the rigorous International Baccalaureate program or mainstream high school, simply select band, color guard or dance on your class choice form.

Band Camp for all marching band which includes instrumentalists, dance and color guard students will take place prior to school beginning. Details can be found within the Band App.

All students must complete this form!

Do you have auditions?

Yes, of course we do.  Most auditions are held in May so please watch our calendar or email us.  If you have missed auditions, please email Lederian Townsend, our Band Director to inquire if there are any secondary auditions for marching band, wind ensemble, jazz band, color guard, percussion or dance.

All instrumentalists:

All percussionists:

All dancers:

All color guard/winter guard:

Do you have fees to be a part of the program?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable fundraising volunteers will help you and your family raise funds through a program we call fair share. If you work hard in fundraising, all of your costs including fees and trips can be earned.

You can download this form by clicking here.

Do you have to have money for all of this?

Yes and no!.  We allow fair share fundraising to cover all of your expenses.  There is a work bond that is paid but can be earned back via volunteering and then the credit will go into your account.

See fundraising page to learn more about fair share opportunities.

For work bond information see below or click here.

Is there a handbook?

Sure is! Click here to download.

band app

Our programs utilize the Band App for posting up to date information.

If you are a new student, please use an email on the web site or message in Instagram to receive your personal invite code to our "Band App".  This is used for multiple programs including marching band, choir, band boosters and more.