FinAL Prism 2022 (11 × 17 in)

Auction Donations

are needed for Prism! You can help by collecting donations or purchasing items to make a themed basket. All donations should be delivered to Mr. Tran. If it is not enough for a basket, simply drop off anyways. We will use it this time or next!


Click here for a donation letter and receipt. Auction donations benefit the entire program.


Click here for a form for ad sales. Ad sales receive 50% fair share of ad cost to the student on the form.

Click here for 8 1/2 x 11 size poster to print and post in our community.

Click here for 11 x 17 size poster to print and post in our community.

Sharing our events on social media is a great way to support us. The more tickets we sell, the better our concert will be!

2022 PDQ

Students earn fair share on PDQ gift cards.  The cards all have a $10 value.  Sell 1 card for $8 and the student earns $3.

Sell a set of 10 cards for $75 and the student earns $20 fair share.


The cards can be used at any location including in Fort Myers, near Gulf Coast Town Center, Gainesville, Lakeland and any other location.

Joining as a member is a great way to support the    Vocal Arts department. click here to download

membership 2021-22
membership 2021-22 pg 2

Krispy Kreme

original doughnut

gift certificates

$10 each


to purchase


Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Please click here for the School District application. Turn into Mr. Tran.